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The New State of Tutoring

When students struggle to maintain good grades or lose interest in school, a tutor can often get them back on the path to success. Since a tutor provides individualized attention for each student’s specific needs, they can provide the boost some students need to get over an educational obstacle.

Tutoring can also improve a student’s attendance by reducing anxiety around classwork and testing. Improved grades can boost a student’s self-esteem, producing increased motivation to excel. Tutors don’t just teach subject matter — they also teach good study habits and research skills that give students confidence to excel in the future.

Bringing in a tutor can take a lot of pressure off parents who may feel inadequate to help with some types of homework. A math-impaired parent may be better off hiring a math tutor than trying to re-learn algebra. And to help high school students prepare for college entrance exams, some tutoring services specialize in coaching students on the SAT and similar tests.

Tutoring in 2017

The single biggest trend in tutoring is the growth of online tutoring services, especially those designed for access on mobile devices. Technology research firm Technavio projects that the global K-12 online tutoring market will grow from $63.6 billion in 2016 to $120.7 billion in 2021.

Like virtual schools, online tutoring services allow students to work with an instructor from home. Some services have tutors available around the clock. Web tools like instant messaging and screen sharing allow students and tutors to collaborate in real time.

Traditional tutoring outlets are still available, too. In addition to private tutoring firms like Huntington Learning Center, Kaplan Test Prep, and Kumon Math and Reading Center, many schools and public libraries offer tutoring or homework help as part of after-school programs. For information about what to look for in a tutor, including credentials and what questions to ask, visit the National Tutoring Association website:


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